Links to sites built by friends and associates, all of whom are veterans or supporters of Creation Safaris.


Speakers, books, and special events: all the materials you need to be grounded in the Word of God and able to defend the Biblical doctrine of Creation and the Flood against the claims of Darwinists and skeptics.  One of the largest creation book tables in southern California, with materials for children on up to PhD's.

Hope For Those Who Hurt
  (at this site)
Encouragement from God’s Word for enduring life-and-death trials: from a couple that learned through experience.  A must-read for hurting people!
(Howard and Jeanne Tomlinson)

The world’s finest intelligent design documentaries.
Newest release– The Case for Faith.
Raft the GrandCanyon with Christians
Get Biblical creation teaching

Canyon Ministries
(Tom Vail)

Alpha Omega Institute’s
Creation Mountain Adventures.
Led by Dave and Mary Jo Nutting

Dr. Walter Brown’s creation seminars
and a fact-packed, heavily-documented
online book: In the Beginning
Constance Crossman’s Creation Club Idea Book is a treasure of ideas for the outdoor education of children of all ages.

Publications and
Creation Quest Expeditions
from headquarters in Arizona

Your one-stop Christian information page

Institute for Creation Research
ICR leads major expeditions to Grand Canyon, Yellowstone, Galapagos, more!
 News and information link site
loaded with articles on current events.
(Vytas Safroncikas)

Christian news, chat and variety site
Snazzy and lively!
(Victor Shannon)

New Creation Museum
Answers Magazine
Educational resources and special events.
Creation Ministries International
Articles, speakers, publications

Radio, articles, resources
Creation Science Association
of Orange County

An active group in Orange County, CA with monthly meetings, videos, and books.

God, Growth, and Great Adventure
Steve Sears leads outings and has a new book on California destinations for Christian educators and adventurers.

How to know Christ, and discussion of Christian world view issues.
(Ramsay Devereux)

Monthly meetings and events in Ventura County, CA
Antelope Valley
Creation Science Association

Palmdale/Lancaster area group with monthly meetings, videos, and books.
Hike Mt. St. Helens
and other destinations with the
Design Science Association
(Dr. Keith Swenson)
Pat Mingarelli’s creation photography products.