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Adam Younger Than Eve  10/31/2000
New Scientist reports that “an extensive analysis of men’s Y chromosomes suggests that the “father” of humankind is tens of thousands of years younger than our mother.”  This follows up on the claim that a “mitochondrial Eve” lived about 140,000 years ago.  Now a group that studied the Y-chromosome estimates her husband Adam lived only 70,000 years ago.  How they procreated the human race remains unknown.

This humorous twist on the old mitochondrial Eve story results from the faulty reasoning of evolutionists that they can calibrate the rate of evolution based on the assumption evolution occurred.  It was a surprise to secular scientists, however, that the human lineage can be traced to a single male and a single female, just as the Bible says.  For a refutation of the “mitochondrial Eve” date, see: Answers in Genesis.
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More Planetary Surprises Announced  10/30/2000
Results are in from last week’s Planetary Sciences Meeting of the American Astronomical Society in Pasadena, California. 
Sky and Telescope reports three unexpected findings.  (1) theories of origins of earth’s water (whether from comets or asteroids) both have problems.  (2) lunar crater rays appear much older than previously believed, a finding that may completely disrupt theories of the moon’s cratering history.  (3) asteroid colors are not as differentiated by distance from the sun as expected.  Science News reports another contentious debate at the meeting: that half of the alleged extrasolar planets may in fact be small stars or brown dwarfs. 
Update 10/31/2000  More bad news for planet hunters: a new Hubble Space Telescope survey has failed to find any planets in a nearby globular cluster.  Researchers were expecting to find about 17.

When evolutionists tell Just-So stories about the unobservable past, they are going to run into contradictions with current observations.  It’s like trying to put together a jigsaw puzzle when most of the pieces are missing:  your “world view” of what the final picture should look like will influence how you arrange the pieces.  If the world view is wrong, some pieces will never fit right.  Creationists begin with the world view that God designed the world to be inhabited, so they don’t have to come up with make-believe stories of how the earth’s water was delivered by comets, or how many billions of years old the lunar craters are, or how the outer asteroids condensed out of a primordial solar nebula.  Neither position is capable of scientific verification, because they deal with the unobservable, unrepeatable past.  The question is, who are you going to believe: the Eyewitness who was there, or the guesses of fallible men who weren’t there?  Regarding the extrasolar planets question, creationists have no problem with a universe filled with planets.  Life is so improbable, it would never evolve in a billion universes each with planets in abundance.  Read Evolution, Possible or Impossible? at this site.
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New Role for Ubiquitous ATP Molecule: Pain Trigger  10/26/2000
Nature’s Feature of the Week reports on a new role for the amazing ATP molecule.  “ATP – adenosine triphosphate – is to the body what oil is to the industrialized world.  Produced in virtually every cell of every living thing, it is the primary power source for reactions as diverse as muscle contraction, protein synthesis and heat generation.  Now new research confirms a very different role for ATP – as a trigger for pain receptors.”

Multiple functions for parts is an example of design efficiency and elegance.  The 1997 Nobel prize winners in chemistry found that ATP in living things from single-celled organisms to man is generated by a complex three-phase proton motor.  One biologist was heard to say that if these mechanisms stopped working, you would be dead before you hit the ground.  How can anyone believe that complex functioning micro-motorized machines like ATP synthase, and the multiple functions of the amazing ATP molecule that is not only the universal energy currency in all of life but also a multipurpose tool, is the work of blind chance?
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Creationism Evolves by Mutation and Natural Selection  10/25/2000
An essay by Debora MacKenzie in New Scientist “Unnatural Selection” strives to explain in socio-evolutionary terms how creationism can persist a hundred years after the Darwinian revolution.  Noting that 47% of Americans believe God created man a few thousand years ago, and that a third of Americans believe creationism should be taught in science classrooms, MacKenzie surveys the evolutionary history from Darwin to Kansas, giving the last word to anti-creationist Eugenie Scott: “An attack on evolution is an attack on all of science.”  The April essay is a link on the current
New Scientist website.  A companion op-ed piece by Bryan Appleyard argues that scientists bring criticism on themselves by being dogmatic and trying to explain everything in the humanities by evolutionary Just-So stories.

Following the pattern of anti-creationist rhetoric, this article is long on religious and sociological arguments and short on empiricism.  It just assumes evolution is true, and wrings its hands over the political power of those nasty right-wing fundamentalists who don’t understand the nature of science (i.e., that science=naturalism) and can’t get with the program.  Mixed in are a few token quotes by creationists and references to influential creationist books, but evolutionists get the last word in this clearly biased article.  Another philosophical stand assumed without support is that religion and science operate in mutually exclusive arenas.  The reader is referred to Francis Schaeffer’s excellent little book Escape from Reason for a refutation of this view that began with Thomas Aquinas.  Eugenie Scott’s claim that creationism is anti-science is an insult to the world’s greatest scientists like Faraday, Maxwell, Pasteur, Carver and von Braun who were Christians and creationists.  It is the left-wing pro-evolutionary political forces like Scott’s misnamed National Center for Science Education that strive to institutionalize evolutionary philosophy and prevent free inquiry into whether evolutionary Just-So stories have any scientific merit.  For a response to Kenneth Miller’s claims, the reader is referred to this recent article by Henry M. Morris.
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New Origin of Life Theory In a Fog  10/23/2000
An international team of researchers has proposed a new theory that aerosol particles in the ancient atmosphere may have played a role in generating the chemical building blocks for life on Earth.  Indeed, they say, the aerosols may have had many characteristics of a primitive form of “cell,” according to
NOAA News.

Evolutionists are again grasping at straws, and glossing over major difficulties trying to come up with materialistic theories for the origin of life.  This new idea doesn’t solve anything; it only tries to get around some of the known problems of other theories.  The article does some hand-waving to claim a primitive form of natural selection could have worked among the droplets, but natural selection did not and cannot work without accurate reproduction of all the parts.  This fact alone rules out evolution, to say nothing of the impossibilities of achieving functional design by chance.  The reader is referred to Ch. 5 of Evolution: Possible or Impossible? by Dr. James F. Coppedge, at this site.

Bacterial Rip Van Winkle Revived  10/19/2000
Scientists claim to have revived 250 million year old bacteria from a salt pan in New Mexico, according to
Nature magazine.
Update 10/26/2000  The National Science Foundation has given three researchers a $150,000 grant to track down more of the microbes.  Some scientists dismiss their claim as silly, however.  See this link for details.
Update 11/02/2000  A researcher at Univ. of Missouri-Rolla now claims this “amazing” discovery proves that life could have survived for millions of years on Mars.  Partially funded by NASA, Dr. Melanie Mormile will be conducting further tests on salt crystals to identify ancient bacteria.  Part of the task will be determining the age of the crystals.
Update 03/15/2001  A new story on Eurekalert has this scientist now claiming that his find supports panspermia, that bacteria could have survived millions of years of space travel embedded in meteorite fragments.
Update 06/21/2001  The BBC News acts as moderator in a knock-down, drag-out fight between proponents and critics of the claim these bacteria are millions of years old.  Critics claim they are too similar to modern bacteria and must have been contaminants, but proponents stand their ground.  In passing, the article also brings to light disputes about the reliability of molecular clock dating, which is based on evolutionary assumptions.

Why doesn’t anyone ever question the age estimates in these reports?  Evolution and long ages are always assumed, no matter how stretched and strained it makes the story.  250 million years is a long, long time for anything to cling to life waiting to be discovered.  One writer now claims that if bacteria are nearly immortal, this supports the idea of panspermia – that life was transported to earth through space inside meteorites.  Like Mark Twain said, “There is something fascinating about science.  One gets such wholesale returns of conjecture out of such a trifling investment of fact.”

Origin of Sex a Mystery  10/12/2000
A study by the BBC casts doubt on the standard evolutionary story for the origin of sex: i.e., that it reduces damage from mutations.  The scientists claim that mutation rates are not high enough to produce a benefit, so sex “remains a mystery” (
BBC news).  This story was cited on NASA’s Astrobiology News page.

No mystery at all if God designed it for relationships, for diversity, for human pleasure and for families, and to show His wisdom.  Reality is only a mystery if you try to explain it by purposeless, blind chance.
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Mars Canyons May Not Be Formed by Water   10/12/2000
NASA scientists are beginning to suspect that the widely reported water channels on Mars were actually caused by jets of carbon dioxide, in a story on
Wired News
Update 10/31/2000  More bad news for Martian fishermen; the mineral olivine has been found in abundance, indicating water erosion has been minimal during the planet’s history, according to a USGS news release, indicating Mars has long been cold, dry, and dead.
NASA has long based its belief in life on Mars on the indirect evidence for river channels on the surface.  If this finding explains the features with dry ice, it will mean a major rethinking of the nature of Mars, and will underscore the profound differences between the red planet and the blue-green planet.
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Indian Superstition Equivalent to Modern Geology   10/10/2000
Exclusive  A roadside interpretive sign along the Wahweap Marina road at Glen Canyon National Recreation Area states that Native American tribal beliefs about the origin of a nearby mountain are similar to what geologists believe today.  Quote: “Black Body, Blue Body, First Man, and First Woman built Navajo Mountain with soil brought from the underworld.  The Navajo creation story coincides with geologic evidence.  Heaved up within the mountain is a core of solidified lava.”
We could have a little fun with this comparison, but will refrain.  Actually, this is more than a peace pipe for the nearby Navajos.  The National Park Service has become a missionary agency, promoting Indian superstitions with evangelistic fervor.  This reporter saw a trail guide at Lava Beds National Monument actually encouraging tourists on a nature trail to experience the spirits in the trees and animals, and make a votive offering at a sacred tree.  Everywhere you go, tribal beliefs and customs are depicted in glowing terms as flutes and drums play over the intercoms of the visitor centers.  It is one thing to describe what Indian tribes believe, it is quite another to promote it.  If the whole truth were told, it would be apparent that tribal superstitions have hindered our understanding of nature (see The World’s Greatest Creation Scientists at this site).  Christian beliefs, which did promote scientific investigation of natural laws, are never given equal time; in fact, they are often unfairly depicted as being responsible for destruction of the environment.
Update 11/10/2000  A slide show currently playing in Saguaro National Park near Tucson, Arizona is almost 100% Indian evangelism.  Two recorded Native American narrators are given the whole show to plug their tribe’s pantheistic belief in the connectedness of all things and the spirituality of nature.
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Federal Government Puts Clamps on Access to Public Lands   10/10/2000
Exclusive  A park ranger at the Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument in Utah showed this reporter a thick new management plan for the controversial new 1.7-million-acre park created by a Clinton executive order in 1997.  The plan details all the new rules, road closures and other restrictions that will be imposed on the public that previously had wide latitude for exploring this scenic area which is larger than all other National Parks in Utah combined.  In addition, Zion and Bryce Canyon National Parks have joined the sites imposing stiff new $20 entrance fees per car, making it a $40 price tag for a family to see the two parks in a day, as many do.  Zion has also closed driver access to the main canyon, requiring tourists to ride a shuttle bus.  Another ranger at the Carl Hayden Museum at Glen Canyon Dam told this reporter that the National Park Service, torn between two opposing philosophies in its charter – public benefit vs. preservation – has definitely swung toward preservation, to the delight of environmentalists but the dismay of the public.
Update 12/05/2000 
President Clinton has just created the world’s largest nature preserve by Executive Order – 84 million acres of reefs and islands northeast of Hawaii.
This subject is important for Creation Safaris and other ministries that take people out to explore creation, because it makes it more expensive and harder to organize outings.  While Christians and creationists should take conservation very seriously, it begs the question whether the Federal Government has any better track record for conserving the environment over local agencies and property owners (remember the Montana fires this past summer?).  Furthermore, Clinton’s frequent use of Executive Orders bypasses Congress and the rights of citizens and affected landowners to have any voice in the debate.  America is fast becoming the land of the fee, as citizens are increasingly being double-taxed or denied access to their public lands.  Ironically, many environmentalists are opposed to the trend.  For more information, see www.freeourforests.org.
Noted Magician James Randi Touts Atheism to Scientists   10/06/2000
Exclusive  Noted debunker of psychic phenomena James “The Amazing”
Randi, speaking at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory on October 5, admitted in answer to a question from the audience that he finds no reason to believe in God.  He attributed the origin of theism to primitive man’s need to explain natural phenomena by an all-powerful somebody or something.  [That a famous skeptic would be an atheist is not news, but imagine a scientist being given an opportunity at a NASA podium to present evidence for belief in God.–ed.]  During his otherwise entertaining and informative demonstrations of his successful debunkings of psychic phenomena, Randi enthusiastically referred to noted atheists Carl Sagan, Richard Feynman, and Isaac Asimov as his heroes. 
Thinking Christians and creationists should be first in line behind Randi’s charge to expose fraudulent claims of supernatural power.  He is to be highly praised for having the guts to expose phony faith-healer Peter Popoff, for instance, and the psychic surgeons who leave their gullible patients at risk of disease and death for the sake of money.  Full speed ahead, we say, on getting the paranormal kookery out of our minds, and getting people to think critically.  By Randi’s own admission, however, his field of expertise is very narrow: “How people are fooled, and how we fool ourselves.”  This does not qualify Randi as a philosopher of science or a theologian.  His response simplistically sweeps under the rug the great thinkers such as C. S. Lewis, Francis Schaeffer and countless scientists like Newton and Maxwell whose faith in God rested on firmer foundations than mere wish fulfillment.  (We refer the reader to The World’s Greatest Creation Scientists at this site.)  Could The Amazing Randi, and his skeptical followers, be fooling themselves by failing to notice their own assumptions and logical fallacies?  Yes, audience, we must learn to think critically.
Dark Matter Disappears In the Light    10/01/2000
A paper in the Oct 2000 Astrophysical Journal contends that the fashionable claim that 90% or more of the universe is made of unobservable stuff is wrong.  See a summary at:
http://spaceflightnow.com/news/n0010/01darkmatter/ , “Accepted view of Universe challenged by astronomer.”
James Randi (see previous headline) warned about the ancient Greeks’ quest to hunt the mythical chimera, a creature which, the closer you get to it, the farther away it appears.  Maybe dark matter is the modern chimera.  Whether or not Stacy McGaugh’s claim holds up, it illustrates that no matter what the ruling paradigm, someone can always adduce facts that contradict it.
Science Blunders   10/01/2000
For fun and enlightenment, read Discover’s list of the biggest science blunders of the last 20 years.  See: http://www.discover.com/oct_00/featblunders.html .
Ironic that this list shows example after example of scientific unreliability, but then mocks creationists who want to present all the evidence, even the evidence against evolution.  It also misrepresents creationists as believing that all theories of origins should be treated equally.  The list is a good reminder, nonetheless, of how (to err is) human scientific research really is.
Age of Grand Canyon Questioned   09/30/2000
The September 30 issue of
Science News reported on a conference held in June at the Grand Canyon that questioned the multi-million year age of this once-classic showcase of uniformitarianism.  Geologists are beginning to entertain thoughts of catastrophism, that major changes could take place on much shorter time scales. 
The article still claims a million years were involved, but it illustrates again how scientists are always changing their theories.  The article practically plagiarizes the ideas of Dr. Walt Brown, Dr. Steven Austin and others on the origin of Grand Canyon by catastrophic flooding of a large lake.  In any case, the wise man still builds his house on the rock of God’s Word rather than the shifting sands of scientific opinion, especially opinion about the unobservable past.
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National Geographic Wipes Dino-Bird Egg Off Face   09/27/2000
The October issue of National Geographic ends with a detailed, five-page retraction of its major-breaking story from the November 1999 issue that a fossil feathered dinosaur, dubbed Archaeoraptor, had been discovered in China.  Subsequently proved to be a composite of two unrelated species and therefore a hoax, the magazine explained in embarrassing detail, this “tale of misguided secrecy and misplaced confidence, of rampant egos, clashing, self-aggrandizement, wishful thinking, naive assumptions, human error, stubbornness, manipulation, backbiting, lying, corruption, and most of all, abysmal communication” (p. 148).
While National Geographic should be commended for its openness in admitting error, it fell short of apologizing to the public and to the scientific community for perpetrating this egregious fraud.  Furthermore, save for a small photo of the fossil of the “Piltdown Chicken,” the confession lacked all the splashy artwork and bold headlines that made its initial article such an eye-catcher.  Creationists take note: when evolutionists announce a stunning new find to support their theories, just wait awhile for the facts to come to light.
See this
BBC News update on how the hoax was perpetrated and discovered (03/28/2001).
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Martian Meteorites Contaminated   09/26/2000
A team of scientists at the University of San Diego has found that one of the pieces of evidence supporting the theory that microbial life has been found in a Martian meteorite is unreliable.  A rare isotope of oxygen, presumed to be a signature of Martian activity, could very well be from earth contamination.  The unusual salty soils of Antarctica contain the same isotope.  The results were published in Nature, Thurs 09/21/2000.
This is just another piece of evidence added to the growing arsenal against the theory that these meteorites carry signatures of life.  The majority of scientists now discount the idea.  Always wait for all the evidence to come forth before swallowing an evolutionary tale.
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Stupid Evolution Quote of the Week  09/16/2000
“To remind themselves how much better their final products could be, robot designers need only look in the mirror.  Yet the exquisite biological machines they’ll see there emerge from a blind self-replication process, called evolution, and not from a deliberate design effort.” – Peter Weiss, “Robots making robots, with some help,” Science News (158:12 09/16/00), p. 189.
Whatever you say, Pete.  What can you say to someone who stares at masterful design in the face and calls it the work of blind chance?  Have robot-makers with their brains and designs come anywhere close?  As if this quote is not enough, the article makes the claim that robot designers have made a small step toward building self-replicating robots out of Lego blocks.  Just one small unfinished task: “plugging in motors and microchips.”
Mars Sterilized by Death Rays   09/14/2000
JPL announced findings that ultraviolet radiation from the sun produces an abundance of ionized oxygen that destroys organic molecules on the Martian surface.  “Mars needs to take antioxidants for life,” the headline announced.  The oxidation of the soil explains the long-mysterious findings of the 1976 Viking lander experiments. 
http://www.jpl.nasa.gov/news .
This story reinforces the Anthropic Principle argument that Earth’s environment was fine-tuned for life.  Without the shielding effect of earth’s ozone layer, life would be nearly impossible on our planet, and it surely would not have formed spontaneously under such a barrage of deadly radiation here, on Mars, or anywhere else.
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Jupiter’s Moon Io Too Hot To Handle   08/16/2000
Exclusive  Dr. Dennis Matson, a planetary scientist with the
Cassini Mission reported to a group of team members that measurements of the surface of Io by the Galileo spacecraft from its Nov 99 and Feb 00 flybys indicate that the tiny moon emits more heat than can be accounted for by current theories.  Io’s extremely hot lavas, on the order of 2000o K, are much hotter than lavas from most Earth volcanoes, which measure around 1200o K.  These indicate special kinds of molten rock are involved, not just molten sulfur as previously supposed, which are mere byproducts of the high-temperature eruptions.  What’s more, hardly a spot on the surface of Io cools before being smothered by another hot eruption.  The temperature vastly exceeds what can be accounted for by popular theories of tidal flexing.  Matson left the anomalous temperatures a mystery. 
Update 10/26/2000 
JPL has published a press release on these findings.  It says the surface emits 13.5 watts per square meter, five times as much as the ground in Yellowstone’s thermal basins.  For a tiny moon that should have cooled eons ago, this amount of heat output is remarkable.
It’s only a mystery if you believe Io is 4.6 billion years old.  Io is not the only body in the solar system too active for its age; Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Enceladus, Triton and Europa and comets all show more heat or activity than they should if the solar system is as old as the current reigning paradigm claims.