Reality Check

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"Reality Checks" are devotional outlines for outdoor preachers and teachers that have worked well on Creation Safaris, in line with our motto Escape to Reality.  These lessons should be thought out with additional Scriptures, explanations, illustrations, and personal testimonies to make them your own.  Above all, handle with prayer.  --David F. Coppedge


Theme: Creation exploring should be a joyful experience!  Sure, it's a fallen world, but there still remains abundant evidence of God's lovingkindness all around us (Acts 14:17).  Since we will be rejoicing in God's works for eternity, we should be practicing it here and now.  Let this Creation Safari be an opportunity to rekindle that joy of the Lord, which is a fruit of His spirit.

“Mans chief end is to glorify God and to enjoy Him forever.” – Westminster Shorter Catechism
  John 15:11, I John 1:4, Rom 14:7, Psalm 32:11, 100

  1. Rejoicing is a command:
      Eph 5:18, Phil 4:4, I Th 5:16
  2. Enjoy His works:
      Ps 13:5, 40:16, 46:4, 111:1-4; Isa 12:1-6, 65:18; Luke 2:10, 24:52 etc.
  3. Enjoy His word:
      Ps 19:8, 119:14, 111, 162, 165, Jer 15:16 etc.
  4. Enjoy His person:
      Ps 5:11, 16:11, 17:15, 28:7, 63:5-6, 104:34, Jer 31:12ff
  5. Rejoice for eternity:
      Isa 55:12, Mt 25:21, Rom 5:1-2, IPet 1:8, 4:13, Jude 24